Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Triplex Lamp

This morning I ordered a wet sample of Serena and Lily's Steel paint, the one I have had on the brain for the past few months. As the last stretch of studying comes to an end, I am finally able to start the many projects that have wanted to take on for what seems like an eternity. It feels great!! First off, I am repainting the bedroom. I will make sure to show you the results, friends, but it the meantime, I have been thinking that to go with my new walls, my bedroom needs new side lamps. I generally prefer something simple and feminine for the bedroom, as if it encourages a good night sleep and peaceful dreams or something. However, ever since I saw this Triplex lamp, I have been thinking that it would look fabulous on either side our bed and that they would pop out beautifully next to the richness of the darker paint.

The story behind the Triplex lamp dates back to 1919 Sweden, where two men, an engineer and a successful business man, got together to create this little beauty. A small engineering firm called Mackapar recently decided to bring it back to life and the first edition is expected to come out this Spring. I can't wait.

I love it! It has such personality! (and for the record, I thought it had such personality even before they put a little scarf on it, though I am very close to squealing "how cuuuute!" right now). I know that it is most likely more suited for an office space but I really think that it is more versatile than that. I believe that you can make it work in the bedroom as well. Just imagine a dark steel coloured wall, a white, vintage, cast iron bed, a mountain of fluffy pillows and a little Triplex lamp on either side of the bed. Yup, it looks great in my head right now. I also think that it is just the kind of lamp you end up keeping forever and that you can find a good spot for in every room of the house.

What do you think?

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