photo credit: Josephine Chan

Julie-Anne Cassidy is a photographer and stylist focusing on food and lifestyle photography.  She currently resides in Montreal and finds much inspiration in her travels.  Julie-Anne spends a lot of her time thoroughly enjoying making a mess of her kitchen, camera in hand. She wishes to share experiences that surround the appreciation for food that is grown locally by small farms and made by hand in small batches. Her body of work is a reminder of the connection between nature, growers and makers. It encourages a responsible sense of awareness of the origin and sourcing of food, how it came to be a dish and how it is enjoyed.  Julie-Anne enjoys creating visual stories based on her belief that relationships and communities are built around gatherings, with good, natural food at the center of these special moments.  

Julie-Anne's work has been published in BC Living,  EAT magazine and Australian Financial Review. This is her blog.

For inquiries, please contact julieanne@stickyspoon.ca
Browse her Pinterest Images here.

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