Monday, June 13, 2011

Rome, Day 4

We opted for the less touristic market in Testaccio to find our lunch today and the kind gentleman proudly described his tomatoes and gave us a few samples to try. The fact that he did not speak a word of English made it all the more exciting since many locals, used to having their city invaded by foreigners year round, speak English very well (much to our disappointment). This is where I stood in awe, admiring the fact that these tomatoes come from Sardinia, Lazio and Sicily.

At the risk of jinxing it, have you noticed how nice the weather has been since we got here? If you pay close attention to the photos, you cannot miss a very important factor. The sun is shining on every single picture and, if it isn't already obvious, I will spell it out for you: it is H-O-T. I refuse to complain about the heat, even at its peak in the middle of the afternoon. I have simply been deprived of sun for too long.

Being from Montreal, I have lived through my share of hot summers. What I miss the most is the warm evening breeze, when you can walk around in the middle of the night, wearing the lightest of summer dresses and still be warm. Yes, I know, that kind of weather is synonymous with sleepless nights when a thin bed sheet feels unbearably hot, when the air is so thick that it is hard to breathe and when popsicles and ice cubes just don't do the trick. I still love the warm summer breeze and am thankful that it blows through the streets of Rome every night right now.

These photos below were taken just before and after midnight on Monday. Evidently, I cannot not get over the nightlife in this city. I am so completely blown away that it is pathetic. I have been living in Vancouver too long and I'm not used to seeing anyone on the street past 9 pm on a school night (and some weekend nights.) I miss it a lot. And yes, it is the last time I mention how cool the night vibe is, I promise.

Who drinks espresso after midnight? I barely drink caffeine (ever) but had to try Sant Eustachio's espresso because of its reputation as the best in Rome and perhaps in the world. So I tried to be cool and play along . It really was completely different from any espresso I have ever tried before, with crema the texture of thick chocolate mousse, a pleasant bitterness and an indescribable intensity. It also kept me up aaaaall night. Oh well, on the bright side, I had lots of time to upload these photos for you.

Italy Countdown, Day 4

pizza: 1 (I'm working on it, this number will increase I assure you)
gelato: 4

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