Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Volga Linen

If I had any poetry talent whatsoever, I would write an Ode to Linen. Over all other types of fabric. Over silk, cotton, wool, flannel, even over cashmere (though yes, that it a tough one to beat...). It's been almost a year since my love affair with these gorgeous curtains started and let me tell you, I am in love with them more than ever! I am so happy just looking at the way the sun shine through every morning ( is Vancouver after all so... the sun shines every month perhaps? Seems about right). I highly recommend linen curtains. Or linen everything for that matter.

Volga Linen is a family run company based out of the UK and it has been around since the mid 1970s. Their website is really well designed and they offer ready made products from tablecloths and clothes to curtains and bed linens as well as fabric by the yard. I recommend taking a look at their products, especially those of you who don't get too excited at the idea of receiving yards of fabric by mail and prefer to have the final product delivered.

Now, what would I do with all of these beautiful fabrics...?

With these two above, I would recover a couch or a loveseat. The darker one for the fluffy pillows thrown over top.
This greyish green one would match any kind of wood so nicely. Perhaps it could be of some use in an office?

This delicate stripe could be turned into anything if you ask me: a duvet cover, a couch, curtains, a lamp shade...

This one! For the bedroom! BIG blue linen pillows over the bed!!
For a tablecloth of course.

What would you do with all of these??

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