Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Remember my EmersonMade napkins?

Of course you do!
I shared the hesitation of the purchase, the excitement of ordering them, the anxiety I experienced while waiting for their arrival and, last but not least, the adult temper tantrum(s) I threw upon realizing that they were not going to make it to my house on time for my big Thanksgiving dinner. They did finally make their way to my mailbox, by the way, in a beaaauutiful little yellow box and linen bags to store the napkins in. Great packaging goes a long way. I have used them, loved them, and look forward to seeing them again soon!

I found a "Sneak Peek" into Emerson's home on Design Sponge the other day and thought I would post some of my favourite photos. While the entire farmhouse is homey, simple, welcoming and well styled, I am obsessed with their pantry. I store (more like proudly display) most of my dry goods in jars such as these, but this pantry is truly gorgeous. Mark my words, one day I shall have one like this!

If you haven't already, a look at Emerson's website is a must. I have given in to the table linens already but their clothing line and floral accessories are also lovely, vintage inspired and classy.

If you enjoyed your visit to their website, you might want to check out their blog. It's put together very nicely, in a whimsical manner, and the photographs are great. It looks like there is a lot of work that is put into it.

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