Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On the Wall

I have a rule when I am looking at blogs: if I spend more than 5 seconds looking at a photograph, I copy it and save it onto my computer desktop. I then separate all those photos into different folders with very original titles such as "dining room", "living room" and "bedroom" (how I ever thought I could be a writer one day is beyond me!). I have one area reserved for any photo that simply doesn't fit into any other category. It is by far the largest file, but the most inspiring at the same time because it is filled with great ideas to complete the look of a room, those little details that are more personal than colour samples and furniture designers. I plan on attempting to group all those photos into more specific themes and sharing them, starting today with anything fun that goes "on the wall".

P.S. all photos are from Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, Desire To Inspire, and Remodelista . I am getting more disciplined at identifying each photograph's source and promise to be more specific in the near future.

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