Monday, June 7, 2010

Wallpaper From the 70s Part 2

I know that I have already attached this photos in one of my first posts, but a reminder seemed appropriate, particularly since the very wallpaper I chose for the little alcove between our bedroom and our bathroom just happens to be from the company I wrote about yesterday, Wallpaper from the 70s (and I didn't even know it until then!).  Our house is quite old so the walls are not even enough for the look to be completely smooth as it should be, but I love it anyway.  This nook used to look pretty awful when we first moved in.  We removed the door that leads to it, put up textured wallpaper in the back of the alcove, painted it brown and built shelves as well before we even though of adding a pattern to make it pop out a bit more. I am quite pleased with the results. A few days ago I picked up a bronze hook in the shape of an owl and it will soon live on the left hand side, next to the picture frame.  The alcove now holds all of my design ideas and treasures and I think that we made great use of a space which would otherwise be ugly and completely wasted.

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