Thursday, April 22, 2010

Montauk Sofas

They say you should wait until you buy a condo or house before you purchase bigger pieces of furniture like a couch or dining room table and chairs. I second that.  I made the mistake of getting my couch custom made to fit my old apartment.  Then, of course, I moved six months later and found myself looking at a hideously huge chaise that doesn’t fit in any of my 1930s house nooks.   Much to my daily annoyance, it is now placed in the middle of the living room and takes up way too much of my precious 600 square feet of space.  The day I move into my own place, I will head to Montauk.  I regularly dream of this moment. The quality is superb and their furniture is just so classy and timeless, yet casual and completely unpretentious.  As an added bonus, the Canadian company is carbon neutral and working on the goal to have absolutely no impact on the environment. 

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