Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FABRIC---Designer Guild


I was recently describing the immense joy of picking out curtain fabric to a friend when she squirmed and stated that she couldn’t think of anything worst than having to flip through samples of fabric for an hour.  I simply stared blankly, perplexed by the idea that there are actually people out there who do not share this pleasure.  If I could roll around in yards of gorgeous fabric all day, I really would.   While I absolutely delight at the sight of beautiful patterns, I still find it hard to apply to my own home.  The colours of all my walls are kept quite simple, with Ralph Lauren paint in either English Tan or Mango Gold, and white trims. For the entire house... What I need to learn is how to be more daring, a.k.a combine stripes, plaid, floral designs and polka dots, satin with velvet and cotton,  and maintain a harmonious feel to a room.  When it comes to mixing and matching patterns, all praise must be held for Tricia Guild.  Her books are inspiring and her Designer Guild fabrics are to die for.  While sometimes it may seem like the combinations are a little too crazy for the average living room, the idea is to notice how different the prints are, yet they go together so perfectly and unexpectedly.    

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